Christmas Bowl In The Future For BYU?


Bowl season is the greatest time of the year, it’s the one time you can wake up each morning for almost 3 weeks and know that there is going to be college football on. A total of 35 games were played last year and again this upcoming season, but in 2014 a new bowl lineup is being presented. With the College Football Playoff taking over in place of the BCS it seems that bowl games will lose meaning. So what do fans want out of a bowl game when their team is left out of the playoff? A warm climate? A close road trip? A cool venue? An exciting but beatable opponent?

A bowl game making its second run at getting approved by the NCAA might give some fans what they are looking for. The Christmas Bowl or the “Los Angeles Bowl” tried to get approved back in 2010 but was turned down by the NCAA. They are taking another run at it and bringing BYU along for the ride. Their official Twitter account @LACristmasBowl has made a public plea to BYU fans to get on board saying: “Get…Cougar nation behind the bowl now. Create a ground swell!!!” They also claim that they are trying to talk with BYU saying, “We are working hard to form an alliance with Tom Holmoe now.

As a BYU fan and someone who would rather watch football than a fat man in a red suit eat cookies this game had me intrigued. Go to sunny LA in the middle of winter, watch the game in the historic Coliseum and avoid awkward family get togethers. Not since the 2003-04 season have we seen a bowl game on Christmas Day. So might this “Christmas Bowl” step in and fill that void we all feel Christmas morning when the excitement of unwrapping our new pack of socks, underwear and neck ties has faded? Unfortunately no, they have announced that this game actually will not be played on Christmas day, but possibly the day before or after.

So for BYU fans if the Cougars make it into this bowl most of their expectations I laid out earlier will be met, a quick 9 hour drive down the I-15, an average temperature of 68 degrees, a beatable opponent is expected with the limited pool of teams available to this bowl, the venue may be a little “struggly”. The historic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum opened in 1921 and holds 93,607 fans. It has played host to many historic sporting events throughout the years, but it is in need of some major renovations. The Coliseum has underwent multiple renovations, including a 10 million dollar fix up in 2010. If the new “Los Angeles Football Stadium” that is being purposed to be built in downtown LA could make for a fantastic venue and might just be a must attend game for future Cougar fans.

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