BYU Broadcasting Bringing Apps to Xbox 360 & Android

On a day filled with huge announcements, BYU Broadcasting also had some major announcements of their own.

Since Independence in 2011, BYU fans have been able to consume Cougar sports more than ever with unprecedented coverage.  Now, Cougar fans have more opportunities to get their BYU fix.

BYU Broadcasting announced today that they will be launching an Xbox 360 app, and an Android app.  Currently Apple iOS users can download the app already, but now Android users can get it.  Live BYU sporting events are available on these apps.

Most conferences don’t have the apps that BYUtv is producing.  Over 70 million Xbox 360 consoles are in the country.  More opportunities for people to see the brand of BYU.

Along with the apps, BYU Broadcasting also announced a daily BYU sports show on BYU Radio (Sirius/XM).  This is the first satellite radio show dedicated to one college athletic program.  Impressive stuff coming from BYU Broadcasting.

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