Dec 20, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; Brigham Young Cougars wide receiver Cody Hoffman (2) prior to a game against the Brigham Young Cougars at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

BYU Football: Cody Hoffman Interview With Alabama Radio Station

It’s not very often BYU Football gets discussed down in the south or as College Football fans call it, “SEC Country”.  So when it does happen, it is worth noting.  And hey it’s July.  We are less than seven weeks till the football season kicks off so we need a football fix wherever we can get it.

BYU’s do-it-all Wide Receiver, Cody Hoffman went on to Jox 94.5FM recently to talk about BYU heading into the 2013 season.  Jox 94.5 is a station down in Birmingham, Alabama and they have had players, coaches, media personalities from all over the country come on to their show in recent weeks to look ahead to the upcoming College Football season.

Opening line from the Jox host for Hoffman interview was, “When you watch BYU Football, and you will this year because their schedule has a lot of big games on it.  You’ll see a lot of BYU this year, they’re back in championship contention.”

Nice comments from the land of all things SEC.

LINK to Cody Hoffman JOX interview

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  • Troy Schoonover

    I love how the question about ‘gameday’ in Provo went right over Cody’s head. As someone who lives four hours south of Birmingham, I can tell you these hosts really wanted to know about the tradition of ‘Gameday’ at Provo: the fans all arriving early to participate in the fantastic tailgating scene, the students and fans–all wearing their team color–crowding the sidewalk for a chance to glimpse the Player Walk, the stadium filled to capacity 30-45 minutes before the game starts to watch the last of the warm-ups and then hear the national anthem and see a flyover, seeing the player and alumni flags lead the team out of the tunnel, the student section packed with cheering fans who never sit down once the entire game, and stadium noise so loud when the defense is on the field you can’t hear yourself think…. BYU is on it’s way to actually having these kinds of Gameday traditions, but I don’t fault Cody for not understanding what folks here in SEC Country mean when they ask about the ‘Gameday’ experience. Each university’s fanbase here prides itself on having the best Gameday traditions and tailgating. I saw BYU play Ole Miss in 2011, and besides Kyle Van Noy’s spectacular play to win the game what I will always remember most is tailgating in The Grove with some Ole Miss alumni from my ward in Pensacola. I am SO happy that you folks are working hard to improve the Gameday experience in Provo. Whenever I watch a classic BYU game online and look at the Skittles crowd and hear Jay Monson remark about how it’s not unusual that the stands aren’t filled at the beginning of the game I just cringe. BYU has come a long way!

    • Mitch Harper

      Agreed. Cody dropped the ball on that question. Lets just hope his drops continue on the media circuit and not the field. ;)

      • Troy Schoonover

        I thought Cody gave a great interview, and it’s nice to see BYU getting some interest from sportsnews stations that aren’t even near a team BYU will play this year.