2013 BYU Football Newcomers: Kalolu Utu


Kalolu Utu

Upolu, Samoa/Compton CC

6-2, 285 DL


Before BYU: Kalotu grew up playing rugby in Samoa, until his family moved to Southern California when he was 14. With that rugby background he quickly joined the Dominguez High football team. After a solid but not outstanding high school career he went to Compton Community College to play football for a year before serving an LDS mission, he left without a knowledge of where he was going to school when he got home. While on his mission he knocked on the door of a member of the church who questioned him about where he would attend college post mission, realizing his very obvious athletic build the member got ahold of a highlight film and sent it to a few schools including BYU. After reviewing the tape coaches were impressed enough to send coach Steve Kaufusi to meet with him the very day he returned home from his mission after a brief meeting he was offered and accepted a scholarship.

As one of the comments on YouTube read: “Plain and simple, BEAST MODE!!!!!” I have to agree with this enthusiastic fan, as you can see for yourself Utu has a very explosive first step. When that quick first move gets him into opposing backfields he makes the ball carrier pay! He plays violently, I love to see the nasty side exuded on the football field. He also shows off a few  impressive punts which may not be put to use it does show some versatility. He also displays how versatile he is by showing his speed off the edge, his raw power coming up the middle and blocking out of the backfield.

Expectations in 2013: Immediate Contributor I see Kalolu sitting #2 on the depth chart behind Manumaleuna. He should see plenty of time and be the starting DT come 2014. With his combination of speed and power he adds even more depth and another reliable back up to the position, if we see an injury or a lack of production we could see him starting by seasons end.
Potential in BYU Career: High Utu has the potential to do amazing things here at BYU. He is coming in to 2013 as a redshirt sophomore, with having 3 years still to play he has plenty of time to continue grow and develop. His hard nose attitude will make him a fan favorite right out of the gates across cougar country. Hopefully he can grow a few inches and be able to get a shot in the NFL.

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