2013 BYU Football Newcomers: Jordan Black

Jordan Black

Alta High School; Sandy, UT


Before BYU: It’s been a long time since Jordan Black played football high school football. Black originally signed as part of the 2010 class and then redshirt his first season. After redshirting, Black left on a two-year mission trip and is now back to play his freshman year in 2013. To put it into perspective a little bit, when Black signed high letter of intent to come to BYU, he weighed 245 pounds and Jake Heaps was getting the cameras ready at Iggy’s. Finally, Black is going to get to get on the field this season.

It’s almost as hard to judge Black’s style of play from his film as it is to find film on him. Although there wasn’t much, there was a short highlight clip here if you are a Rivals.com member. It was 4 years and 50 pounds ago, but Black showed an ability to get his feet in place and move his body quickly. He wasn’t a dominant force on the offensive line, but he did a good job in high school.

Expectations for 2013: Benchwarmer

 Black hasn’t played in an actual football game since 2009 when he finished his high school football career. Due to that fact, and the fact that he recently returned home from his mission, I don’t see Black getting too many opportunities to play this season at BYU. He is bigger than he was before his mission, and if he can come into fall camp and impress the coaches with his athleticism, then I think that he could have a shot at getting some playing time because the position is so wide open. However, if he had his redshirt available, I think that that’s the route BYU would go; since he doesn’t, I think he burns a year on the bench.

Potential at BYU: Moderate

If I were writing about Black when he was a true freshman and an 18 year old at BYU, I wouldn’t have been very high on him. He had good footwork in high school and was a decent athlete, but he didn’t seem to have the attitude or body to be an effective lineman. However, he’s put on 50 pounds and he’s an adult now and to me, he’s the ultimate unknown on the roster. BYU and Robert Anae have an ability to turn 300 men into decent offensive lineman and that’s exactly what Black has become.

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