Brigham Young University Ranked 75th Best College According to Forbes


We don’t discuss academia much here at Lawless Republic. But when we do, it most be something worth noting.

Forbest ranked “America’s Top Colleges” and BYU checked in at #75 on the list.  The highest ranked college in the state of Utah, and the only one in the Top 100.  Research institutions be damned.

Here’s a link to the full list from Forbes that ranks America’s Best Colleges.

Other notes from the Top 100 list.

  • Three West Coast Conference schools were in the Top 100. Santa Clara at #72, BYU #75, and Pepperdine at #100.
  • BYU is the 22nd ranked school amongst colleges that play football at the FBS level.  Stanford was #1 and was the #1 college overall.
  • BYU was the cheapest for cost amongst schools in the Top 100.

So for those of you student athletes looking to play a high level of athletics and also get a terrific education, BYU is definitely an option worth looking into. Afterall, the world is our campus!

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