Breaking Down the Numbers from BYU's Win Over Houston

BYU defeated Houston in a game of record proportions.  The type of game that Bronco Mendenhall said it was one of the craziest games he had ever been apart of.

Here are some of the mind-boggling statistics from this game.

  • Final score: BYU 47, Houston 46

Last time BYU scored over 45 points in a game was against New Mexico State in 2012 (50 points).

  • Total Plays: 115

A BYU record and ties an NCAA record for most plays in a game. Ties Houston of all teams.

  • First Downs: 41

BYU record.  That’s saying something when you consider the type of offenses BYU has had over the years.

  • Taysom Hill’s Total Yards: 535

417 through the air and 128 on the ground.  The Mormon Manziel cometh.  9th all-time in BYU history in a single game.  Not many BYU players are running the ball like the previous great BYU QB’s.  Another amazing performance from Taysom.  The type of things he is doing is revolutionizing the position for BYU.

  • Total Stats between two teams: 1,164 yards 

BYU out gained Houston by almost 200 yards.  681 to 483.

  • Rushing Attempts by BYU: 71

71 carries from a BYU football team?  Many teams in College Football today probably won’t get 71 plays off in an entire game.

  • Turnover Margin: 0

When BYU doesn’t lose the turnover battle, more times than not the Cougs are going to come away with a victory.

  • Penalty Yards:  125

That’s staggering to think BYU still won this game with that many penalty yards.  Nearly makes up the deficit Houston had on BYU in total offensive yards.


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