Four-Star Recruit Damien Mama Announces BYU in his Top Three

Well this is interesting.  Damien Mama announced on Twitter today that he has BYU in his top three. Along with Alabama and USC.  After yesterday all of us thought BYU was out of the picture after word spread that Mama had canceled his official visit to BYU this weekend to go to UCLA instead.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 6.35.24 PM

Will Mama be visiting?  That is still unknown.  Rumors are swirling that he might be visiting now.  If I was a betting man, I would still bet that Mama picks USC.  But if Mama does visit BYU, the Cougars will be the ones leaving the last impression before next Wednesday’s Signing Day announcement from Mama.  Very interesting turn of events.

Here was an interesting exchange Mama had with a UCLA fan via Twitter as well. Side note, fans should never be tweeting recruits.  Weather it be positive and especially negative.  Just leave them be.  Sure you can follow.  We do that here, but don’t tweet them.

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We will keep you posted on all the latest with Damien Mama and other recruiting news here on Lawless Republic.

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  • JmThms

    Reminds me a little of the Jabari Parker final list. BYU was listed there with some elite powers also. But in the end was there any doubt? I think Mama and Parker had a sentimental attachment to BYU, and BYU programs are very good. But like in the Parker situation, it would be a huge surprise to actually have BYU as the winner.

    • Wahului

      That pretty much depends on where Damien’s head is. He has no doubt realized that Bama and USC are not particularly LDS friendly, unless one of us has something they want (monster football talent), in which case they give out the full happy-face treatment to get the recruit. BYU offers a way of life to an athlete that far exceeds but exceedingly complements athletics/football…which every young man should acknowledge can end with one injury. The most important things in life, the ones that endure far beyond even a professional athletic career, which many BYU athletes in many sports have enjoyed, are taught and daily lived at BYU. That fact is discovered and treasured by virtually every participant, LDS or not, in a BYU sports program. Examples are plentiful and easy to find. It’s just a great place to go to school.

      • JmThms

        Agree but 18 year old recruits don’t necessarily have that comprehensive perspective. Maybe more so among LDS recruits but they are still 18 and certain programs are glorified (over-glorified if you ask me) in the media. Maybe Mama follows the model you are referring to, much like Van Noy did, and chooses BYU. We’ll see.

  • RFLee

    That LAST tweet by Mama > ask the coaching staff ……..WOW, did ucla really bRUIN their chances, so hollywood, who is the REAL retard? Your ucla football coaching staff, Thank you CJMora

  • minnesotacoug

    Mama is just teasing us.