Snapchat Now an Approved Recruiting Tool. What will Snaps from Bronco and Rose Look Like?


Word is coming out today that starting August 1st, 2014, schools within the NCAA can use Snapchat as a recruiting tool.

You thought hostesses were a big deal on the official visit?  This just brought the hostess angle to a whole new level with snapchat coming into the picture.

Of course at a place like BYU, recruiting is a different game and a different approach than any other school in the country.  The thought of Bronco Mendenhall and Dave Rose sending snaps makes me laugh inside, and makes me wonder what those snaps would look like.

Well now you don’t have to wait until August 1st to wonder how a snap will look like from one of the BYU coaches.

Let’s first examine how Bronco’s snaps will look.

You know one of the first things Bronco will do is send a snap of an inspirational quote.  John Wooden is one of his idols in life.  I would assume a Wooden quote would be a nice way for Bronco to break the ice with a recruit on Snapchat.



Continuing with the book and quote theme, Bronco will show a recruit what he is reading off of his bookshelf.  Bronco won’t be someone that shows his face often on Snapchat.  Maybe only when he is with his coaching staff, but more times than not it’ll be a book or a quote.


Then Bronco is going to start bringing the noise to seal the deal with a recruit.  He’s going to tantalize that Florida recruit with some fresh powder pics of the snowmobiling trip.


Bronco is a no non-sense man on Snapchat.  He won’t tip his hat with emoji’s and other things like that.  If you want in at BYU, he will send ya great snaps like this.


You in yet?

Now lets take a look at Dave Rose’ Snapchat game.

Rose will be someone that uses emoji’s I bet.  Emotional guy that will sometimes crack jokes with the recruits.  His first snapchat though will always be this…


Sign me up!  He had to throw in the 100 sign. That’s just swagadelic to the high school kids these days.

Rose will also send recruits videos to entice them to Provo.  Look at this one he plans to send all recruits starting August 1st.

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