BYU Recruiting: Quarterback U to Transfer U?

BYU has been known as Quarterback U, they had a run where people called BYU Tight End U and a case could be made for Linebacker U over the last decade or so. But, BYU Recruiting Director Geoff Martzen sent out a tweet late last night that included my new favorite BYU hashtag: #TransferU


That’s right, another transfer could find his way to Provo before this recruiting class of 2014 is all said and done. Thanks to the investigative work of our friend Cole Murdcoch (@cmurdoch03 on Twitter, if you don’t follow him you’re doing yourself a massive disservice) it was discovered that former Missouri quarterback Trent Hosick could potentially be on his way to BYU. Hosick isn’t joining the likes of Harvey Jackson, Jordan Leslie and Keanu Nelson as part of the first class of graduate transfers, but rather, he’d be a true transfer that would not be eligible until the 2015 season. At that point, Hosick would be a redshirt sophomore with 3 years of eligibility.

BYU has had recent success with quarterbacks transferring into the program with former starters Max Hall, Riley Nelson (okay that wasn’t super successful) and Taysom Hill. Hosick could be the next transfer to come into the program and make an impact.

So, let’s get to know this kid a little bit. Coming out of high school, rated Hosick as a 4-star prospect. Last year at Missouri he was listed at 6-1, 225 lbs. He’s got size and he’s got speed. Man, he’s got speed. Coming out of high school, Hosick ran a 4.62 40-yard dash and a 4.03 shuttle. He might not be Taysom Hill, but he’s a cut from a similar cloth. Hosick also reported that he could bench 370 lbs. and squat 530 lbs. coming out of high school. The similarities between the two are fascinating to me.

You can see his high school highlights here. The first play on his highlight film shows you the kind of athleticism he has as he jumps over another human being. He has a good arm, though I probably wouldn’t call it a great arm. His legs are so good that it makes his arm look better than it really is as defenses have to respect his running abilities and receivers find themselves wide open. One thing that really stands out to me, however, is the way that he looks to pass. At the high school level, if you’re really good at one thing, it’s really easy to continually go to that one thing over and over again because the opposition can’t stop that. (See Jake Heaps’ high school highlights and the deep balls down the sideline.) Hosick has above average legs, but looks to pass enough that you can see he has an above average arm as well.

BYU needs quarterbacks. In 2015 (the year Hosick would be eligible), BYU will have senior Hill, junior Billy Green and freshman Tanner Mangum on the roster. If Hill leaves early and heads to the NFL after this season (not likely, but not out of the realm of possibility) then BYU will really be in a bind at the quarterback position. Hosick looks like a great fit for Robert Anae’s offense and would certainly put the pressure on Tanner Mangum to bring his ‘A’ game after his mission.

Give Hosick a follow on Twitter (@TrentHosick) to show him some BYU love.

Honestly, how many of you thought that BYU would ever be in the market for a non-LDS transfer from an SEC school? I sure didn’t. Thanks, Geoff Martzen.

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