BYU Media Day: State Of The Program

BYU Football Media Day is officially underway. Bronco Mendenhall and Tom Holmoe joined Dave McCann at the BYUtv studio and answered a number of questions regarding things that surround BYU today.

There were a few points worth talking about. Tom Holmoe’s update on the investigation regarding impermissible benefits at BYU was basically a non-update update. BYU self-reported some infractions to the NCAA and now Holmoe is just waiting word back. He mentioned that he expects some minor level infractions, but that’s about it. So, basically, nothing we didn’t know already. We’ll have more on this later on Lawless Republic.

The BYU scheduling update was also a non-update update. No future games were announced, but there was a fair amount of encrypted possibilities that were mentioned by both Holmoe and Mendenhall. Neither seemed too concerned about the recent announcements from the ACC and the SEC that BYU is not considered a “Power 5 Game.” Teams are still calling BYU to schedule games. Mendenhall mentioned twice that there is a possibility of SEC teams on future schedules.

The most interesting update from the State of the Program was to listen to thoughts on Independence and eventually joining a conference. For the first time since BYU left the Mountain West Conference, we didn’t get a fire hose full of “Independence is great. We love this position and we will love it forever.” For the first time, there seemed to be a disconnect between Athletic Director and Head Coach when it comes to conference affiliation.

Mendenhall said, “I like independence, it’s a great place to launch from.” He later mentioned independence as a launching pad for a second time. He made it really easy to read between the lines. Mendenhall is about ready to be done with independence. He wants to be in a conference. He wants to play for championships and have more exposure.

Tom Holmoe, on the other hand, was still on the independence bandwagon. He stated how it’s great for BYU today and how their relationship with ESPN is still strong. Basically, listen to all the comments that he’s ever said about independence and that’s what he said today. It was very interesting to see the two answer the same questions in very different manners.

Overall, the State of the Program was a letdown. No announcements, no updates, nothing that is worth talking about. However, that might be a good thing going forward. Coaches and players will be able to focus on this season and playing football.

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