BYU Recruiting: Riley Burt Commits To BYU

He’s 6’2” and 195 lbs. He has a 35” vertical jump and ran a 10.95 100-yard dash as a junior in high school. He can bench 265 lbs and squat 345 lbs. He’s a great athlete and he just committed to BYU. Riley Burt is one of the better prospects in Utah that you probably haven’t heard much about.

To date, Burt only has one reported offer and that was from BYU. He has been receiving interest from Boise State, Utah State, UNLV and Utah though none have offered. BYU jumped at the chance to be the first to send a #SchollyBomb (Thanks, Geoff) his way when he attended a BYU camp. He doesn’t have many stars and he doesn’t have many offers to his name, but you can safely attribute a lot of that to the fact that he’s been caged up in Box Elder County in Northern Utah. The kid can play. And now, he’s a Cougar.

He and fellow commit Dayan Lake are really good friends and have known each other for years. Frankly, I think Burt is an under-hyped talent and I see a lot of Dayan Lake in him. This could be a really dynamic combo in a few years.

It has not yet been decided whether he’s going to play offense or defense. He really could play multiple positions on either side of the ball and it would probably work out. He has a very big frame and looks like he could add 20-30 more pounds on him if he needed to. He primarily plays running back and corner back in high school, but he’s new to the defensive backfield and hasn’t really mastered that that. However, he shows the ability to grow into that position and excel.

If I had to guess or if I had a vote, I would hope that Burt ends up playing defense. He looks like a talented runner, but I think that BYU is in a good position with a couple of other running backs (Hi, Harvey Langi) for the future that have more potential than Burt. I really like the way he plays defense.

Check out his highlights here. He’s not going to boost BYU to a top-10 class, but he’s a very good piece to the puzzle for BYU’s recruiting class. He’s one of my favorite targets.