Brigham Young Cougars head coach Dave Rose looks on during a game against the Gonzaga Bulldogs during the first half at the McCarthey Athletic Center. Mandatory Credit: James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

BYU Basketball Summer Prospectus: Dave Rose

This week we will be giving you an in-depth look at the BYU Basketball team for the upcoming season. It’s a four-part series that we will call, the BYU Basketball Summer Prospectus.

Today is part four of the prospectus. In this installment we take a look at the BYU Head Basketball Coach, Dave Rose and his career in Provo.  Here is Part OnePart Two, Part Three of the Prospectus.

When former BYU Head Coach, Steve Cleveland left for Fresno State in 2005 it was the end of an era for BYU Hoops.  An era that brought BYU back to being a competitive program, and a team that can get into the NCAA Tournament.

There was little to no suspense on who the candidate was to replace Cleveland.  It was always going to be Cleveland’s main assistant, Dave Rose.

This was great timing because Rose was starting to become a trendy candidate for head coaching positions around the country.  Rose’ alma mater, Houston, had Rose as one of the top candidates for their vacant head coaching position before finally going with the older Tom Penders.  The timing was perfect to promote Rose as the head man of the Cougar Cagers.

What Rose has done in his time at BYU has been nothing short of outstanding.  BYU Basketball in my opinion has always been a sleeping giant.  Rose has taken the rebuilding job Cleveland did, and taken it to a whole new level.

In Rose’ first season, BYU was picked dead last in the preseason Mountain West Conference poll.  Rose’ squad simply reeled off a 20-win season and was one of the better surprises in basketball out west.

Since that first season, Rose has one had one of the best runs in the history of the program.  Six straight appearances in the NCAA Tournament, a Sweet 16 appearance (first in 30 years), four straight years with victories in the post-season, and nationally ranked recruiting classes.  Not to mention Rose un-leashed the national phenomenon that was, the Jimmer.

What is it about Rose that has made this program have unprecedented success under his watch?  It’s a realization that BYU is a sleeping giant, and it can become one of the premier basketball programs in the country.   Rose sees that.  Rose has had opportunities to be candidates for nice jobs, but he wants to keep the good times rolling at BYU.

The sky is the limit for Rose with this program.  The once fiery coach at Dixie State who would have outbursts that would involve busting lockers has now taken a more even keeled approach to basketball and life.

When Rose was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2009 it was a scary time in Rose’ life.  Pancreatic cancer is usually one of the deadliest cancers to overcome, but Rose was 100% cleared and was ready to get back to coaching.  Overcoming that has made Rose a huge contributor to charities and community service in the local area.  How many college basketball coaches will take time out of recruiting or coaching to host a Christmas party?  Or be part of charity drives during the off-season?  Rose is one of a kind in his profession, and one of the better coaches in his profession.

Rose tends to get overlooked as one of the elite coaches in the country despite having one of the best winning percentages in college basketball since 2005.  In Rose’ first eight seasons he has compiled a record of 209-66.  That’s a 76% winning percentage.  That would be in the top five of coaches since 2005.

How long does Rose have it in him to coach at BYU?  I wouldn’t be surprised if Rose coached another seven to 10 years for the Cougars.  Unlike, his football counterpart at BYU (Bronco), Rose has never stated that he isn’t going to be coaching for all his life.  A coach who at first wasn’t a BYU guy for life, is definitely turning into that.  Which is something that all cougar fans can get excited about.

Based on the stats, the recruiting, and the wins, Rose is far away the best coach in the history of BYU Basketball.  The future is very bright with Rose in the saddle.  My bold prediction for Rose and BYU Basketball is that the Cougars will experience one trip to the Final Four under Rose.  When will it happen?  Can’t say.  But he is the perfect man for BYU Basketball who can get the Cougars to having their one shining moment.

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