RIP BYU Football Hall of Famer Todd Christensen

The BYU family is saddened by the loss of BYU Football Hall of Famer, Todd Christensen.  Todd passed away today at the age of 57 due to complications with his surgery.  Christensen had a liver disease.

Many folks nationally remember Christensen as a Tight End with the bold and provocative Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders that were one of the best squads in NFL history.  At BYU, Christensen was a Fullback.

After football, Christensen made a name for himself in the broadcasting booth.  Worked with NBC, ESPN, and The mtn.  The mtn. had many downfalls as Cougar fans everywhere know, but Christensen and James Bates in the booth calling Mountain West football was fun.  Who can forget the 2006, 2007, & 2009 BYU-Utah games?  Christensen was part of those calls.

Always hate seeing members of the BYU family pass, especially at such a young age.  Todd’s son, Toby, played at BYU as a Wide Receiver and also did sideline work for mtn broadcasts.

RIP Todd. You will truly be missed.

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