Photo of Flagrant Two Call on Iowa State's DeAndre Kane Gauging Eric Mika's Eyes

Watching the game live it didn’t look this bad.  Looking at this photo, the flagrant 2 call makes a lot more sense.  Mika was rushed to a local Provo hospital after the game.

Courtesy: @KingRanch51

Courtesy: @KingRanch51

Photo courtesy of @KingRanch51 who sent out the tweet.

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  • Winston7ok

    Notice where the ball is.
    There is no attempt on this thugs part to play the ball.
    Notice also how he holds Mika’s neck to steady his head, for his eye gouging assault.
    This punk should never play basketball again.
    You proud of your thug Iowa State?
    A promising career may be over, let’s hope Mika recovers fully.
    Welcome to Iowa State’s Jungle!

    • Ted Mosby

      hope you end up with cancer for hating on the cyclones so much.

      • Jared Oldham

        Any player who acts like that on any team should be kicked out for the year. There is no doubt this was 100% intentional you could ruin someones life with crap like that. If I went and did that to someone on the street I would be put in Jail, and so should he. I was at the game and it did not look nearly as bad as watching these replays.

        P.S Hoping that someone gets cancer is very immature of you.

  • David Christenson

    I uploaded this full video of the incident:

  • vox clamantis in deserto

    Hard to call it an accident as Kane is clearly not going for the ball! Kane should be out at least as long as Mika plus three games and I am being generous. Even the announcers couldn’t call it accidental, they couldn’t come up with a plausible reason in five replays.

    Mika was out the last 3.5 minutes and IS has to resort to this to win the game?!? I guess some people really believe in win at any cost. I hope BYU never plays IS again, no need to play low-class teams (there were other thuggish fouls, just not as bad, and then an IS player flipping off the student section).

  • James E. Edwards IV

    It was brutal but definitely not intentional. Winston7ok, your use of the term “Jungle” coupled with the term “thug” lead me to wonder if you are racist.

    • Aaron Paul

      It was most definitely intentional!! and you’re pathetic attempt to bring race into this leads me to believe that you are the racist. Typical of far to many morons these days throwing around that label. Here’s one for you… I think your a pedophile! Now tell me, does my saying that just found like I’m an idiot or what? Of course it does.
      That’s how you and those like you sound throwing around the term racist at everyone that disagrees with you. Grow up, grow a brain.

    • godbdian

      It certainly was intentional,not an accident to try to put his eyes out.