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BYU Baseball Wears Royal Blue Jerseys & Crushes Utah, 20-3

The BYU Baseball team had a dominating win tonight over rival Utah.  The Cougars crushed the Utes 20-3.  Yes that’s not a typo.  BYU put up a 20 spot on the Utes in baseball.

For all the Ute fans who still put bumper stickers on their cars that read, “54-10″, I see your 54-10 and raise you with a 20-3 bumper sticker from the diamond.  It was complete dominance from the start of this game for BYU.  Big win for this team.

The Cougars were up 18-0 after two innings.  Utah didn’t score their three runs until the 9th inning.  BYU is now 5-8 on the season and currently on a four-game winning streak as they fight to get back to .500.

It was great to see a BYU team come out and handle business against Utah.  Not very often have we seen that over the past five to seven years.  Definitely refreshing.

Since taking over as manager last year, Mike Littlewood is 3-1 overall against Utah.

The Cougar baseball team also made headlines tonight by wearing an alternate royal blue uniform from Nike.  The alternate uniform came as a surprise, but a pleasant one.  I’ve always been a big fan of royal blue coming back at BYU, and seeing these baseball jerseys emphasized that point home more than ever.

The deepest shade of royal blue has been a great color for BYU since 2005, but BYU needs to get back to its roots and go to royal blue again.  How awesome was the build up for the BYU-Utah football game this past year?  The royal blue jerseys were a big part of that.  BYU fans are wearing royal blue more than ever.  People love the nostalgia and tradition that comes with the royal blue at BYU.

BYU is going to wear the royal blues against Utah again on March 25th at Spring Mobile Ballpark.  After that it is unknown if we will see those again.  With the offensive firepower we saw tonight, the Cougars should wear those jerseys every game if it continues to give them the type of success we saw against the Utes.

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