Dec 27, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; Brigham Young Cougars quarterback Taysom Hill (4) prepares to hike the ball against the Washington Huskies during the second quarter at AT&T Park. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

2014 BYU Football Depth Chart Predictions

Spring football wrapped up a week ago which now means the college sports off-season is officially upon us.  Fall Camp starts July 29th, and the 2014 season opener at UConn is almost 140 days away.

To give you a football fix, I’ve put together a depth chart for the upcoming season.  Keep in mind, this is not the official depth chart. This is my educated guesses at how the depth chart will look when BYU takes on the Huskies in Storrs on Friday, August 29th on ESPN.

Without further ado, here is my 2014 BYU Football Depth Chart.

# = Returning Starter
* = Newcomer who will enroll in the fall
** = Return missionary returning before fall camp

Quarterback4 Taysom Hill#|7 Christian Stewart|10 Billy Green|McCoy Hill**
Running Back21 Jamaal Williams#|24 Algie Brown|28 Adam Hine|33 Paul Lasike
Tight End (YR)84 Devin MahinaOR88 Bryan Sampson|Colby Jorgensen**
SLOT19 Brett Thompson|Trey Dye*|11 Terren Houk
Wide Receiver9 Nick Kurtz|Jordan Leslie*|1 Ross Apo
Wide ReceiverDevon Blackmon*OR10 Mitch Mathews|15 Michael Davis
Left Tackle57 De'Ondre Wesley#|71 Ului Lapuaho|72 Ryker Mathews
Left Guard55 Brayden Kearsley|73 Solomone Kafu
Center50 Edward Fusi|70 Terrance Alletto
Right Guard78 Tuni Kanuch|Manu Mulitalo**
Right Tackle74 Brock Stringham#|77 Michael Yeck|Corbin Kaufusi**
Left End92 Graham Rowley|48 Tomasi Laulile
Nose Tackle99 Marques JohnsonOR91 Travis Tuiloma|Jaterrius Gulley*
Right End44 Remington Peck|62 Logan Taele|Kesni Tausinga**
Sam Linebacker5 Alani Fua#|42 Michael AlisaORTroy Hinds**
Mike Linebacker47 Zac Stout|98 Toloa'i Ho-Ching|45 Adam Pulsipher
Buck Linebacker22 Manoa Pikula|43 Jherremya Leuta-Douyere|Austin Heder**
Weakside Linebacker90 Bronson Kaufusi#|Fred Warner*
Field Cornerback6 Jordan Johnson|4 Robertson Daniel|9 Michael Shelton
Boundary Cornerback3 Trenton Trammell|19 Trevor Bateman
KAT20 Craig Bills#|17 Chris Badger|12 Kai Nacua
Free Safety4 Robertson Daniel#|2 Dallin Leavitt|7 Skye PoVey
Special Teams
Kicker27 Trevor Samson|38 "Moose" Bingham
Punter23 Scott Arellano|28 Jordan Miller
Deep Snapper46 Kevan Bills|54 Parker Dawe
Punt Returner19 Trevor Bateman|Keanu Nelson*
Kick Returner28 Adam HineANDKeanu Nelson*|19 Trevor BatemanANDTrey Dye*

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  • TwinsGuy

    Is Ryker Matthews really that bad?

  • markstoddard

    If Yeck, Alleto, Kafu aren’t starting — I assume that’s because the other guy is better. That’s great because I shuddered at Yeck starting after watching him get schooled constantly last year. And if Matthews is that far down the depth chart and with the fact Wesley was good last year and maybe has learned not to false start, then I have hope for the O-line. Our starting 3 on the D-line are all returning starters and were quite good. I like the depth. I also like the fact that two potential superstars are in the 2nd or 3rd spots at linebacker — Hinds and Warner. I’m seeing much better depth than we’ve had. And our wide receivers are faster than last year — yet Davis, is in the 3rd spot. Those ahead, like Matthews, a good receivers but Davis will throw the defense a big curve when the 3rd spot guy shoots past the DBs.

  • Kevin Moser

    My thoughts: It lists Apo as third string which I completely agree with considering who we have acquired. It doesn’t include the latest transfer safety from nebraska. I’m assuming he will beat out the transfer safeties from notre dame, colorado state, and Hawaii. He will also beat out the talented promising safeties Leavitt and Nacua. He will be right behind robertson Daniel and play plenty. The only problem/question I have with it is that Ryker mathews is listed as a 3rd string left tackle and not at all at guard. Not sure what is happening there, if maybe after the surgeries he is not the same player? Or is this an oversight.

    He also does not have blackmon listed in the return game, and I believe he will be utilized there. Oh and he could probably add sam lee as the missing 3rd string conerback if not the 2nd string to trammell

  • CougarFlash

    Not sure where you got your predictions… but the Offensive Line is so far off… that is not to be taken seriously.

    Rykers 3rd String???? Wesley plays RIGHT Tackle Not Left. Rykers is are best blind side Oline, last year he was hurt and that prevented him playing his natural position. That is why YECK played there last year.

    Serious dude, get some real information before posting this stuff