Devon Blackmon is ready to maximize his opportunity at BYU

Incoming BYU wide receiver, Devon Blackmon explains his path to BYU, his goals for the next two years, and a little bit about him outside the football field.

How did you first get in contact with BYU?

Devon Blackmon:  I first got in contact with BYU when my former high school coach from Summit, Tony Crutchfield (former BYU Football player), let me know that BYU was interested!

How big of a role (if any) did Jamaal Williams and his family play in your commitment to BYU?

Jamaal and his family played a significant role in the recruit process to BYU. I had to ask Jamaal a lot of question to see if BYU was really the place for me. But my family had a huge role as well.  

A good number of schools were recruiting you.  What was it about BYU that separated them from the rest?

What separated BYU from the the other schools was that, BYU’s fan base is magnificent.  And they are a very prestigious school known for their communications program.  Also, I find the mormon culture and religion is the best thing for me at this particular time in my life. I had lots of fun at oregon, and now it’s to chase my dream .

What did you know about BYU before they recruited you?  

Honestly nothing. I Just knew that is it was an all mormon school.

What goals have you set for yourself this season, and for your career at BYU?

BY GODS GRACE, I want to be the best wide receiver BYU has ever recruited. I want to maximize every opportunity I have when I get the ball in my hands, and just contribute the best way I can to my teammates and coaches! I want to be a leader to my teammates, and I want to WIN a lot of games as a team.

Do you see the tempo of this BYU offense as comparable to the offense that your previous school, Oregon runs? 

I’m not sure yet. But what I’ve been hearing is that it is faster then Oregon offense, so I’m excited to see what it has to offer! I believe Oregon was the fastest offense I’ve been in. Now that I have that experience under my belt, I feel as if this offense won’t be as hard to adjust to.

Let’s get to know Devon Blackmon, the man a little bit better.  Here’s a few quick fire questions for you that are outside the football field.

What pre-game music do you listen to?

I like to listen to motivational music, because it’s gets me ready for the game. I like to listen to Tupac, J-Cole , Kendrick [Lamar], and Drake. I also make music my self, but I am no where near as good as those guys!

Favorite food?

Spaghetti and pizza.

Football player(s) you looked up to growing up?

Reggie bush, Desean Jackson, and Marshall Faulk.

Favorite sports team?

Eagles and Colts

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Devon.  Any final message you want to give Cougar Nation before we wrap this up? 

This will be an exciting season… I promise! I just want to work hard first, then let my work speak.

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