Memo to the NBA: Stay Away From Jimmer….For Now


By: Mitch Harper (Twitter: @Mitch_Harper)

Jimmer pops off for 43 points against San Diego State and now the rage among people is to discuss Jimmer’s uncanny way to score.  Were cool with that.  But the other hot topic amongst the media and society is, how will Jimmer project at the NBA level?

Why is it in sports, we can’t just get caught up in the moment and enjoy what is happening?  Me personally, I have fallen victim to looking ahead recently as well.  Not when it comes to Jimmer in the Pros, but the glaring hole he leaves behind with Nick Martineau as the successor. Oye.  So I gotta take a chill pill too, and enjoy it more.

But why do the national pundits and society have to try and pry at Jimmer when it comes to his NBA status right now?  And why is it when he gets compared to current/former players in the Pros, its always the likes of Adam Morrison, Luke Ridnour, Mark Price, Gordon Heyward, and basically any other former/current white NBA player.  Adam Morrison and Jimmer Fredette have no similiarities in their games other than the fact that both are white.

Jimmer can and will be able to get his shot off at the next level.  The dude can score.  But what people need to do is just enjoy what we are seeing right now.  Jimmer Fredette is scoring like no one College Basketball has ever seen since Pete Maravich.  Enjoy that, and let’s look forward to the rest of the journey.

The NBA is tough to forecast, and a lot of players success from the league stems from the situation of a franchise they are in.  So it’s pointless to forecast at this point.  A lot can change.

And Jimmer-forbid, THE JIMMER actually flops in the NBA.  Does that diminish all the great things he has done as a person and a basketball player through Glens Falls High School and at BYU?  No.  The guy can hoop, always has and always will be able to.

The Jimmer will not be stopped in his pursuit to be Amazing.  It was in his contract after all.

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