Welcome to the Lawless Republic!


The Lawless Republic nestled in the heartland of Cougar Nation now has a new home for their blog, LawlessRepublic.com.  Everything you’ve grown to love from CougarCenter.net will be continued with this website.  More blogging, interaction and discussion on posts, reader generated content, and much more.  We are thrilled to be joining the Fansided network.  This partnership brings greater opportunities for the website, and also gives us a better opportunity to be the best BYU community the internet has to offer.

For those asking, how does this impact the Cougar Center Podcast?  It doesn’t.  The Cougar Center Podcast is still here.  Same name, same iTunes page, everything about the Cougar Center Podcast remains in tact.  We just now have a classy website to accompany the already popular podcast.

Again, excited for the new changes. Hope you folks enjoy them as well!

Go Cougars!

About Lawless Republic/Cougar Center

Back in 2010, Mitch Harper, Brian “Bean” Mace, & Justin Mace started a podcast called Cougar Center.  The weekly show became an instant hit amongst Cougar fans, and has since become a mainstream source for BYU coverage.

The crew has covered bowl games, had interviews with a variety of guests, including Phil SteeleGreg Wrubell (the Voice of the Cougars), former players, and so on.  Also, the guys have appeared on national radio stations for interviews and have been guest hosts on Cougar Sports 960 with Alema Harrington & Ben Criddle, available here in Utah.

The podcast has been a regular on the top 50 college podcasts on iTunes charts since it launched in 2010.

Along with a weekly podcast, the Cougar Center team has been a strong advocate to grow the tailgating scene at BYU.  Now you need to realize, BYU is not synonymous with tailgating.  For years it never existed.  Now since the Cougar Center crew started setting up shop and promoting an all-day Gameday atmosphere to fans, BYU has now created designated lots for tailgaters.  The Provo Daily Herald even featured Cougar Center’s tailgating efforts on the front page of their November 12, 2011 Sports edition.

Now, the Cougar Center team joins the Fansided Network, launching The Lawless Republic.

Background on the name “Lawless Republic.”  BYU’s Voice of the Cougars, Greg Wrubell coined our Cougar Center Podcast, the lawless republic nestled in the heartland of Cougar Nation.  Ever since Wrubell gave us that term in 2011, it has been something that we have identified ourselves with.  We give BYU fans the coverage they want, with a spin and style that only the Lawless Republic could provide.

The Staff

  • Mitch Harper – Lead Editor / Podcast Co-Host

Mitch has been covering BYU sports since 2006.  A member of the Football Writers Association of America, Mitch is currently pursuing a degree in Mass Communications Journalism and looking to bring his knowledge of Cougar Sports to Cougar Nation.

Follow him on Twitter: @Mitch_Harper

  • Brian “Bean” Mace – Author / Podcast Co-Host

Bean has been covering BYU sports since 2010.  Known for his tell it how it is mantra, Bean has become an icon in BYU circles.  A leader in the Tailgating movement, Bean has been a key person in getting BYU to make the Gameday atmosphere a better experience for fans.

Follow him on Twitter: @beanmace

  • Justin Mace “jmace” – Author / Podcast Co-Host

Justin has been covering BYU sports since 2010.  A man of the people, Jmace manages the website store and also is the resident photographer at the site.  Jmace photographed the 2010 New Mexico Bowl on the sidelines, and has covered many BYU games from field level.

Follow him on Twitter: @jmace22

  • Robby Huckvale – Columnist

Robby has been covering BYU sports since 2005.  “The Rainman” of BYU sports for his knowledge of BYU’s rich and storied athletic tradition.  A student at BYU, Huckvale will post columns on the site.

Follow him on Twitter: @robby_huckvale