BYU’s Ratings in EA Sports NCAA Football 14


One of the key turning points in the off-season for any College Football fan is the release of EA Sports NCAA Football video game.

Personally, I’ve been playing the game since Bill Walsh College Football ’94.  Remember when BYU was Team Provo?  Plenty of great memories from playing this game.

When it comes to ratings and BYU, I always feel BYU is misrepresented.  Are they the best team in the country? Absolutely not.  They shouldn’t be a 99 rating across the board like Alabama is this year; but I feel EA Sports doesn’t do their homework when it comes to BYU.

The only season I can remember BYU being highly rated was heading into the 2009 season.  So it would be NCAA Football 10.  Pre-season Top 25 team with a 90 overall rating I believe.  Outside of that, BYU is always a B or B- squad.  Not much has changed heading into the ’14 edition.

Tradition Sports Online obtained ratings for all 125 teams in the video game from E3 today.

BYU’s ratings

  • Overall: 83
  • Offense: 84
  • Defense: 83

Kind of surprised the Defense was rated below the Offense.  Top five defense from a year ago, returning one of the top defensive talents in all of the country in Kyle Van Noy.

NCAA Football 14 goes on sale July 9th.

Here at the site we will be having a PS3 Online Dynasty.  So start game planning which team you will use in the league.