BYU Fantasy Draft- Best Receiving Group


Cahoon and Hoffman, two of the all-time greats.

Analyzing the BYU Football Fantasy Draft will be Bean Mace, Co-Host of the Cougar Center Podcast.  Follow him on Twitter, @beanmace.  This will be a daily feature this week. So check back for more! 

Taking a look at the receiving groups in the fantasy draft you can see there have been quite the number of really good pass catchers to suit up for the Cougars over the years. Even a few truly great receivers; Austin Collie (Jmace’s pick), Cody Hoffman (Jake’s pick), and Dennis Pitta (PJ’s pick), just to name several.

But the best group award has to go to the colletion of receivers drafted by Alex Gilbert(GreenGilb). Gilbert’s squad boasts three All-Americans, three All-WAC performers, a Academic All-American and CFL all-time leader in receptions.

Itula Mili (91, 94-96) is this groups Tight End, Mili is one of the most underrated players in BYU football history. Probably due to the fact that he played alongside another great Tight End in Chad Lewis. Mili went on to play for the Seahawks for ten years.

Eric Drage (89-93) was known for his long touchdown receptions, he always seemed to produce when BYU needed a big play. Drage finished his BYU career with 29 touchdowns.

Ben Cahoon (95-97) is the CFL’s all-time leader in pass receptions (1017), and all-time leading receiver in the Canadian equivalent of the Super Bowl, The Grey Cup. Cahoon was a league MVP, conference MVP, Grey Cup MVP and All-Star during his time in Canada. Sure his BYU coaching career wasn’t great, but his playing days sure were.

Tomorrow we will have the best Defensive Line award.