Grading Each BYU Football Lip Sync Performance


The BYU Football lip sync from Bronco Mendenhall’s yard to open up fall camp has went viral.  Here at Lawless Republic we like discussing all the latest hot topics in BYU sports; even if it is lip syncs.  Remember our rundown of the BYU Basketball lip syncs from this past season?

Watching the BYU Football team lip sync through some chart-topping hits put a lot of thoughts in my head.  I had to share them with you all, and dish out some grades for the performances.

Here’s the full video so you can follow along if you haven’t seen the full video yet.

Now lets dive into the grades.

0:19 (minutes and seconds in the video) “Good Feeling” by Flo Rida

Already I’m not a fan of the song. Flo Rida’s songs are catchy but after about 300 plays on the radio (four days of radio listening), you grow tired of ‘old Flo Rida’s catchy beats. This one is no different. But let’s see what this crew made up of Alani Fua and others can offer.

Michael Yeck’s fall to Bronco’s well-manicured grass leaves me feeling emptier than the arm jabs I see in actual games.

Scott Arellano was a good choice for the Flo Rida role out of this group. No one else would have brought the energy like Arellano. I don’t know Arellano’s marital status but if I had to guess, he’s married, and he met his wife at an YSA dance. Mrs. Arellano, if you’re out there, lets hear the story.

Grade: B-

0:30 “Beat It” by Michael Jackson

Theodore King and Trent Trammell give us a show right here. Trammell proceeds to swing at King in some dance move, and King falls to the deck. That knee looking good Trent, it’s looking good.

Then in comes Guy Holliday with some type of BYU Keebler Elf hat, to bring it home like MJ did back in the day.

The best part of this lip sync though is probably Bryan Sampson. No longer shall he be known as the guy who caught the game-winning touchdown pass from Riley Nelson in the 2011 snow-filled Blue & White spring game; he will now be known as the dude that simply goes hard in lip syncs. Raw emotion.

Side note: Is there any 18 year-old in America that rocks a visor better than Michael Shelton? I’m still looking for the day when I can look normal in a visor. Shelton is changing the game.

Grade: A

0:46 “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme”

I believe that is Ross Apo being swung around by Jaterrius Gulley. If that is Randy Ross, doesn’t that lip sync basically recap Apo’s time in Provo thus far?

Grade: C-

0:53 “Tearin’ Up My Heart” by ‘N SYNC

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Parker Dawe gives it his all, and no one shows him the love back. It’s a shame. He did a nice job. Kesni Tausinga did a Captain Morgan pose, then laughed, and then De’Ondre Wesley tried to save it. Too little, too late, this thing was gone already.  It’s a crying shame because these guys had a layup with the song.  Easy for lip syncing.

Grade: C

1:06 “Baby” by Justin Bieber

Whenever I see Jordan Johnson now I think of him telling a BYU-TV reporter at Media Day, “I got you boo-boo”.

Anyways, Leuta-Douyerre is tricking off dollar bills on JJ, and JJ proceeds to put them down his V-neck shirt. Then the two run off with each other.

I like it. But I like “I got you boo-boo” more.

Grade: B-

1:19 “It’s Tricky” by Run DMC

First thought that runs through my mind seeing this portion of the lip sync, people that know nothing about BYU Football are watching this video saying, man that coach has some moves! Then they realize he’s in BYU’s two-deep at linebacker, and he’s been in the program since 2008!

There was no better man though to round up a group that consisted of Solomone Kafu, Marques Johnson, and Sam Lee. Whoa, who? Yes, Sam Lee! He’s still around battling back injuries. Anyways, this group has the best choreography out of any of the teams. Executing at a high level.

Then Garrett Tujague, yes for those of you who know nothing about BYU Football, this guy is actually a coach, brings down the house with his dance moves.

#BUSTHEROUT is an early nominee for 2014 BYU Football season hash tag. Great job 2J, and even greater job on that beautiful jaw.

Grade: A

1:49 “Gagnam Style” by PSY

Of course a kicker named Moose rips off shirt and goes full-on PSY! For that Moose Bingham, we thank you.

Grade: B

2:03 “Firework” by Katy Perry

One of my hidden talents is dancing. I enjoy dancing. Some have told me that when I dance I tend to “cover a lot of ground”. Sometimes, I’ve felt awkward about my dancing because of my uncanny abilities to cover ground. Now those days are gone. My awkwardness is no longer there after seeing Steven Richards blow up Bronco’s back yard with some scintillating lip sync, and dancing. Like me, Richards covers a ton of ground.

It’s fitting that Richards is wearing a Band of Brothers t-shirt in this video. I feel like I’ve discovered my dancing brother.

Then Jswagdaddy (Jamaal Williams) shows us why he is Jswagdaddy.

Grade: B+

2:31 “Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen

I had to look this song up. I had no idea what it was, and I’m glad I didn’t know. Apparently it’s from the Disney movie, Frozen. I haven’t seen Frozen, and I wish I hadn’t seen this debacle.

Grade: D

2:41 “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen

Apparently this was the winning lip-sync of the night. To be honest, I’m disappointed. Kai Nacua, who by the way has impressed many in the program at linebacker, crushes it with his dancing. But Call Me Maybe? The song that has been lip synced from every person and sports team you can think of? C’mon man!

Grade: B+

Still, Nacua was great, but the song was poor. The winner in my book was the Beat It team, followed by It’s Tricky.

At the end of the day, these are great team-building moments for college-aged kids.  Always respect how BYU’s coaches truly make the experience fun for these young men.

What was your favorite lip sync from the 2014 BYU Football squad?