Cody Hoffman Q&A with Riggo’s Rag Editor Maurice Barksdale


Reached out to Maurice Barksdale, Editor at Fansided’s NFL site all about the Washington Redskins – Riggo’s Rag, to ask some questions about Cody Hoffman and how he’s doing at the Redskins’ training camp this summer. 

1. What has been your overall impression of Hoffman?

I liked Cody Hoffman when he was at BYU and I was surprised he wasn’t drafted.  He was one of the receivers I targeted as a potential draft pick by the Redskins before the draft.  Primarily because I liked his size and yet he’s very fluid as a route runner, and has great body control.  The Redskins lack receivers with size and that kind of ability.  So I thought Cody Hoffman could help them with that.

2. What was Redskins fans’ reaction to his signing?

I think Washington Redskins fans were pleased that Hoffman signed with the Redskins.  Last season the Redskins had depth issues at the wide receiver position, and this was something that was obvious to Redskins fans.  So wide receiver was a position that fans wanted to see the Redskins bolster, so adding a player like Cody Hoffman tells Redskins fans that the Redskins will have high quality among their fifth and sixth receivers.

3. How do you think he fits with the team?

The Redskins needed at add some youth and depth to their receiving unit, and Hoffman is a young receiver that helps add that dimension to the team.  The young receivers that the Redskins signed will only help strengthen the entire unit.  So Hoffman needs to continue to learn and listen to the coaches and veteran receivers, and for now just play his role and work on developing.

4. Do you think he will make the 53-man roster?

At this point I think Cody Hoffman is on the bubble as far making the Redskins roster.  When the Philadelphia Eagles surprisingly cut DeSean Jackson and the Redskins signed him, that eliminated a spot for a receiver on the roster right there.  So I think Hoffman is among a group of about six Redskins receivers in camp fighting for one to two spots, so he’s going to have to look very impressive in camp and in the preseason in order to make the team.

5. How might he help this team?

Hoffman gives the Redskins a big receiver.  At 6’4, 210 he has the size to add an element to the team that in which they don’t have a lot of.  And I think there’s a trend in the NFL to use bigger receivers to overwhelm smaller defensive backs.  So Hoffman’s height could come in handy in the red zone for the Redskins as well.

6. What do you expect from Hoffman this year and beyond?

I expect Hoffman to perform well in the preseason and give the Redskins coaches and personnel people a hard decision to make as to whether he makes the team.  If he makes the team, his role early on will probably be on special teams, and he will need to be ready to step up in case injuries happen.  If he doesn’t make the team, then he will more than likely be a practice squad candidate, and he should continue to work hard and be ready if the Redskins need to promote him to the active roster.

7. Does he have any chemistry or good relationships with RGIII or the coaching staff?

I know that Redskins head coach Jay Gruden likes Cody Hoffman, as he’s mentioned his name a few times as a player who’s stood out to him.  So he’s got that going for him.  As for chemistry with RGIII, I’m sure that’s something they’re working on, as there are more than a few new receivers on the team.  So I think they are all working as hard as they can to get in sync with each other as they learn a new offense.

8. Any random thoughts or anecdotes?

Like I said, I was surprised that he wasn’t drafted so I think the Redskins signed a player in Cody Hoffman who’s value is much higher than what a typical undrafted free agent would be.  And I’m looking forward to seeing how he performs in the preseason as I think he’ll do very well.

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