Tom Holmoe on NCAA Investigation: ‘I don’t see this as a major case’


Back in May of this year, news broke that BYU was conducting an internal investigation into potential improper benefits surrounding the BYU Football program.

There has been a lot of speculation as to what exactly happened, but many close to the situation have indicated it is much ado about a pair of socks.  The socks were given to former BYU wide receiver, Cody Hoffman, who thought they were from the team locker room.

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Athletic Director, Tom Holmoe, all along has indicated he doesn’t feel this is a case that is major in the eyes of the NCAA.  Holmoe said that at Media Day back in June and shared those same sentiments today with members of the media after the final scrimmage of fall camp.  Holmoe said, “I don’t see this as a major case.”

Holmoe also addressed Duane Busby.  Duane, of course, was the name at the center of this investigation and many believed that he was forced out by BYU months prior to this story being leaked to the public.  According to Holmoe, Busby went out on his own terms and was considering stepping down a year prior.

Busby’s job as director of football operations has now been filled by Zach Nyborg who came from Wisconsin and has been a fan favorite during fall camp with his Vine videos.

The scandal that was initially going to bring down the house on BYU Football has ended up being a non-issue and the program is moving forward.

We should see an outcome from the NCAA within a couple days.  It is not known if the findings will be released to the public.