Mack Brown on Taysom Hill: ‘He’s got a chance to be one of the best QB’s in the country’


Former Texas Head Coach, Mack Brown, was on the American Athletic Conference Teleconference today to promote his new job as one of the analysts for this season on ESPN/ABC.

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Many point to Brown being a TV analyst instead of a coach this year because of what happened in Provo last season. Taysom Hill -knee brace and all- ran for 259 yards on Mack’s Longhorns who were 15th in the country at the time, and the Horns could never truly recover after that setback.

The image of Taysom Hill is still engrained in the mind of the legendary Texas Head Coach to this day from the sounds of it.

Today, as part of the AAC’s Teleconference, Brown was asked for his thoughts about Taysom from The Boneyard, a site that covers UConn sports.

Here were Brown’s comments on Taysom:

"One of the most mobile quarterbacks in the country, he’s strong.  He can run through tackles.  They [BYU] are going to run 90+ games per game, if they can.  So when we are talking about up-tempo offense, they are one of the fastest in the country.  And they do not usually sit and change, they go.He can throw it. That was a question mark early He ruined his knee two years ago.  He’s back full speed ahead, and I think he has a chance to be one of the best quarterbacks in the country."