A BYU Football Eve Wish


It’s BYU Football Eve.

Another off-season is in the books.  Like the previous year, it was the quickest off-season yet. The season is finally here. So many questions, so few answers right now.  What we do have is our wish list for what we want to see play out this season.

Of course, all of us would like to see a spot in the College Football Playoff for BYU and the Cougars being lumped in with the best programs in the country. That’s ultimately what we all want. But I understand BYU’s place in the College Football world. The likelihood of BYU going to that playoff this year is about as likely this website turns into a daily thread for all things Utes. Going out on a limb here and saying, it probably won’t happen.

My wish for BYU Football is reasonable, but should always be the expectation in any given year.

I want BYU in 2014 to have a killer instinct.

From the coaches to the players, BYU needs to finish strong. Play a complete 60 minutes of BYU Football.

There was no game last season where BYU played for a full 60 minutes. Not one.

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The first half of the Boise State game last year was probably BYU’s best half the entire 2013 season. The second half against the Broncos however, saw Boise make a bit of a comeback, and put a scare in BYU while the Y. offense dinked around and was methodical in the final 30 minutes. That has to change if they want to become a great team.

Tonight I just watched Texas A&M’s dominant performance on #9 South Carolina. From start to finish, the Aggies took the life out of the Gamecocks, and never looked back. They imposed their #YESSIR will on the southern USC, and now Texas A&M is a contender yet again in the post-Johnny Football era of Aggie football.

BYU needs to gain that same mentality. We’ve seen the glimpses. Now the program needs to bring it all together. But everyone in the program needs this attitude. From the players coaches, team trainers, secretaries, and so on. Everyone needs to be all in for this program to take the next step. But in my opinion, it starts with these coaches.

BYU’s staff needs to have a sense of urgency this season. The opportunity is in front of this team to have a big season. If they want to have that big season, urgency and the killer instinct needs to be there. Looking at future schedules, can you honestly picture an undefeated season? It’s tough enough when you play a Mountain West schedule, or teams from the old WAC. It jumps up a notch when you add the likes of Nebraska, UCLA, West Virginia, Arizona State, USC, and the list goes on. Bronco himself has stated that this schedule is “lighter” than last season. This schedule poses a great opportunity for BYU.

In order to capitalize on that opportunity you can’t sit on a cushy lead in the second half, and change your aggressive play calling to one that has no rhyme or reason.

The time is now for BYU to get back into the national conversation, and it won’t happen being a program that feels comfortable with how things have been playing out on the field the past few seasons.

When the time comes that BYU finally has their breakthrough and the Cougars are back in the nationally psyche they need to continue having that killer instinct. Never let the fire go, and keep building this program into one that puts fear into opposition.

That is my wish on this BYU Football Eve.