BYU Football: 6 Things We Learned From Houston

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5. Dan Wolken thinks BYU plays dirty

Dan Wolken thinks BYU plays dirty, guys. They picked up a late hit penalty and had a roughing the passer penalty and are apparently the only team that has ever had both in the same game and is therefore a dirty team.

I’m not sure what Wolken is watching. This is football. Craig Bills hits hard. Bills hits so hard in fact that the refs instinctively called him for targeting. After they reviewed the play they found that he was not targeting and the flag was picked up and Bills was allowed to stay in the game. But yeah, Wolken, what a dirty play.

Manoa Pikula picked up a late hit penalty in the second half. He jumped in the air, the quarterback slid while he was in the air and Pikula landed on top of him. Bunch of dirty Cougars I tell ya.