Opposing High School Teams Tried Dirty Tactics To Stop Taysom Hill


The date and the venue may have changed, but the story remains the same.  In 2008, high school teams throughout Idaho had the same problem trying to stop Taysom Hill that college coaches are finding week in and week out today. One team/coach in particular took to some interestingly dirty tactics to stop Taysom Hill and take him out of the game.

Watch the video below as Taysom (who was also his team’s placekicker) gets targeted and punished on a kickoff after kicking the ball.

It seems unconscionable that at any level of sport, a player would succumb to such an unsportsmanlike level to take out a vulnerable kicker, regardless of whether it was done by his own merit or by instruction from a coach. Fortunately, this doesn’t seem like the kind of activity that would take place on the college level.