By The Numbers: Middle Tennessee Game


The losing skid has come to an abrupt halt! Yes, it was Middle Tennessee State in Murfreesboro, TN but the Cougars desperately needed a win and the defense came up big in this game to prove their mettle and worth. Christian Stewart spread the ball around and scampered into the end zone for a TD. Bronson Kaufusi appeared to be the player we all were hoping for this season and came up big in the pass rush. It feels great to get a win after so long. Jamaal Williams went out with what looked to be a serious knee injury and we all hope and pray for the best for him.

Here are the numbers that stood out from the Middle Tennessee game:

1. Fourth downs converted by BYU on three attempts. The Cougars went for it on fourth down on their very first drive out of the gate and ended up resulting in taking the lead with a touchdown at the end of the drive. The offense wanted to start fast, and they did (at least initially).

2. Interceptions by BYU’s defense. This was great to see after the defense taking so much flak recently and they came to play.

3.3 Yards per carry for BYU. The Cougars struggled in the run game against the Blue Raiders and the average would have been even lower but was raised near the end of the game by Nate Carter and Adam Hine.

3.7 Yards per pass for MTSU. This is in stark contrast to the last four games in average and total yards and it was good to see BYU’s defense playing like they cared.

4. Receptions by Paul Lasike for 22 yards. Paul did a good job of picking up Algie’s slack out of the backfield.

6. Third downs converted by MTSU on 16 attempts. BYU’s defense did a good job of forcing three-and-outs in this game and played tough defense.

7. Penalties committed by BYU for 70 yards. As usual, these came at critical times and killed drives on offense and helped MTSU keep drives going.

8. Third downs converted by BYU on 18 attempts. BYU struggled in the first half with this but got better after halftime adjustments.

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10. BYU players with a reception. Stew is really good at spreading the ball around to his players. Colby Pearson had the longest reception for 37 yards and a touchdown in the first quarter.

28. Passes completed by Christian Stewart on 45 attempts. This was good for a 62% completion percentage. Taysom was not throwing the ball this much when he ran the offense. Its good to see Dr. Bob tailor the offense to his quarterbacks and their strengths and weaknesses.

49. Rushing yards by Jamaal Williams on 16 carries, BYU’s rushing leader. Williams also came up big with a 28 yard catch on a third down (his longest of the season) but exited the game after taking a hit to his knee on that play. It didn’t look good.

60. Receiving yards by Mitch Mathews on 6 attempts, BYU’s receptions leader.

81. Longest punt by Scott Arellano. Normally punts aren’t worth noting, but this punt was incredible and was a game-changer for momentum. He has really stepped up his punt game this year, and BYU has needed it.

109. Rushing yards by MTSU.

128. Rushing yards by BYU.

228. Total yards by MTSU. BYU had been allowing over 400 yards a game the past four games and they made sure this didn’t happen again. Great job by them.

316. Passing yards by BYU. Stew can sling it.

444. Total yards by BYU. Even though the Cougars’ offense struggled in the first half, they came out and took care of business in the second half. Anae has shown even through the losing streak that the offense is capable and dangerous when the defense holds up their end of the bargain.