A Case for BYU Inclusion into the Big 12


This article is not to entail speculation as to how, when, or who regarding Big 12 expansion but rather why. Why, this is the most important part. The only reason anyone does anything is for something, and in the midst of all sorts of speculation as to a Big 12 expansion most of which includes BYU, but I am more interested as to why BYU should be included.

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The first key component to this whole equation is the Big 12 is only looking to expand for money, competetiveness, and most importantly is to maintain itself as a “power” conference. The Big 12 has been dying for a while now, team by team. But like a one Tony Stark, that which is now keeping them alive, is what is killing them. Oklahoma and Texas. They monopolize the entire conference and its always been, a their way or the highway type deal in the conference. Now the Big 12 faces the scary thought of finally being put out of their misery, and lose key members UT and OU. The only way to really try save the conference then, is to restore confidence through expansion.

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That is why the Big 12 would do it. Now here’s why BYU should be the ones included. BYU brings in the most money and would bring a wide following, due to connections with the LDS church, and its wide reach over the US. What is not being mentioned is the dedication of the fans even just in the area, when BYU plays an average of over 60,000 people come to see it happen, and if Texas or Oklahoma is coming into town, you’d better believe it’s gonna be more than that.

BYU also provides by far the best level of competition across the board. It really isn’t even close. I try hard to think the last time when either football or basketball was just plain bad at BYU, but I honestly couldn’t. There always seems to be a Taysom Hill, or Tyler Haws come out of nowhere and just carry the entire team. BYU’s recruiting is a work in progress, but the key component is the progress. The state of Utah is only producing more and more talent as the years go on, and it will be easier to nab anyone when you’re playing in a power conference. The other thing is that BYU always seems to really just be good at random sports out of the blue. For instance: Women’s Volleyball.

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Now along with the why’s, naturally come the why not’s. I see few reasons to really not include BYU in any expansion, that with every passing day seems more eminent, and more necessary, but there are reasons as to why this won’t work or won’t happen. I truly think that it all comes down, to TV. BYUtv would more than likely have to be given up. I really don’t think that BYU’s willing to give that up under their live body. The ESPN contract is the other thing, I am no expert, but somehow I don’t think it will be a breeze to just slip into the conference with that contract baring over them. I have heard many things regarding BYU’s geographical fit, but travel for BYU isn’t any better right now for them, and the other teams would only play BYU once a year if at all, so I think that is easily overcome.

Regardless of why, I do honestly believe that it is really only a matter of time until Brigham Young ends up in some power conference. And I cannot wait.

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