BYU football: 3 things we learned from the Poinsettia Bowl

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Jamaal Williams is (still) an NFL runner

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On the off chance anyone thought that maybe Jamaal Williams didn’t have all the tools to be a NFL running back, let the Poinsettia Bowl be a lesson.

The J-Swag Daddy is a pro football player.

Williams carved Wyoming to the tune of 210 yards and a touchdown while averaging 8.1 yards per carry.

Plus, Williams did everything you look for in a pro running back. He was shifty, he was always churning his legs, he was always falling forward, he exploded through the holes, he fought through contact, he outran defenders and he was good in pass protection.

Now, I’m not saying that he’ll be a first (or second or third) round NFL draft selection. But I am saying he’ll find some way to contribute in the NFL next season. Everything about his game is smooth and explosive. He was a special player to watch in Provo and Cougar fans will sorely miss him next season.