BYU basketball: The cupboard is far from bare

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Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports
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Many BYU basketball fans are acting as if the sky is falling. But all is not lost in Provo.

Many Cougar fans are distraught about the BYU basketball program right now. Coming off of two consecutive disappointing NIT seasons and followed up by the early departure of star big-man Eric Mika, it is understandable why many Cougar fans are down.

But BYU basketball fans need not wallow in despair and go full blown “chicken little” just yet.  The cupboard is far from bare. There are still plenty of reasons for Cougar basketball fans to be optimistic.

The hiring of Heath Schroyer

This was a huge get for the BYU basketball program.

We have seen in the past that Dave Rose does best when he has a worthy VP on the bench. Schroyer will be the most capable coach that Rose has had on the staff since Dave Rice departed.  He has extensive experience all over the country in a variety of capacities. He understands BYU as a former assistant to Steve Cleveland. Most importantly, he is an accomplished coach in the area that the program most desperately needs help with: defense.

There’s nothing not to like about the hire.