Lawless Republic: 2,000 articles down, looking forward to the next 2,000

Lawless Republic has served Cougar fans for eight great years, and we’ve reached our 2,000th article. We’re looking forward to the next 2,000 and beyond.

Eight years and 2,000 articles. It’s not often that a fan-based site has that kind of staying power.

Fortunately, we’re able to write for one of the most passionate and knowledgeable fanbases in college sports. BYU fans love getting news, insights, and analysis about the Cougars, and our readers keep coming back for more.

Thank you.

Lawless Republic started as an outlet for the Cougar Center podcast back in 2010. Both the podcast and the site was started by Mitch Harper, Brian “Bean” Mace, and Justin Mace.

Cougar Center took off, becoming one of the most listened to BYU podcasts available. It featured guests such as Phil Steele, Greg Wrubell, former players and coaches, and more.

It was Wrubell who called the podcast “the lawless republic nestled in the heartland of Cougar Nation.”

As Cougar Center grew, so did the site. The hosts added articles and analysis, eventually attracting the attention of FanSided.

In 2013, the site officially became a part of the FanSided network. It needed a new title, and what better name to choose than the one coined by the Voice of the Cougars?

Lawless Republic.

We’re still that site that’s nestled in the heart of Cougar Nation. We take pride in providing BYU news, analysis, insights, and opinions that Cougar fans want and need.

Our readers have been amazing, reading and interacting with us for those eight years and 2,000 articles.

We couldn’t keep this going without our writers. We’re all BYU fans who want our voices heard, and Lawless Republic gives us that voice.

We’re always looking for new writers. We want fans who are passionate and knowledgeable about BYU sports. Most importantly, we want fans who want to pass that knowledge on to the awesome Cougar fanbase.

If that’s you, we need you and we want you. Click here to get things started.

Once again, thank you for eight great years and 2,000 great articles. We’ve loved every minute of it, and we’re looking forward to much, much more.