BYU Basketball: What is next for Jimmer Fredette?

DALLAS, TX - MARCH 02: Jimmer Fredette
DALLAS, TX - MARCH 02: Jimmer Fredette /
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ATLANTA, GA – FEBRUARY 22: Jimmer Fredette
ATLANTA, GA – FEBRUARY 22: Jimmer Fredette /

5. Using his degree/Experience

We seem to sometimes forget, Fredette did actually graduate from BYU with a degree in American Studies. Who knows, maybe Fredette will want to find a nice place to live either in his old hometown in New York or perhaps stay in Colorado where his family lives and be a high school teacher and basketball coach. This is definitely the wild card option that is unlikely but wouldn’t be overly shocking if it happened. Fredette would instantly be able to take over the head high school coaching job of just about any high school in the country that he desires.

Jimmer would also perhaps be used in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints with his connection to China. The Chinese love him and having already broken the barrier with them, Fredette could be in some capacity a missionary for that part of the world when the church is allowed to enter that nation.

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We don’t know what will happen, but in the end we want Fredette to be happy whether that means playing after this season or not. What do you think? Will Jimmer see the NBA court again after this season?