BYU Soccer: Cougars draw with Argentina National Team

(Photo by George Salpigtidis/Getty Images)

In a surprise game put together just a few weeks ago, BYU Soccer didn’t just compete with the Argentina National Team, they tied!

A big discussion often times in the sports world is whether a team like Alabama would be able to beat a terrible NFL team like the Browns or 49ers. The obvious answer to anyone who knows anything about football is NO.

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But that is what BYU Women’s Soccer did on Thursday night. BYU Women’s Soccer earned a draw against the 36th ranked soccer team in the world, Argentina. Yes you read that correctly, the entire world, and yes the Argentina team that will be playing in the World Cup in just a few months. That No. 36 ranking includes the colleges, club teams, national teams and teams from every other league you can imagine all around the world. Granted that doesn’t mean that Argentina necessarily is the 36th best team in the world, but given their stage, resources and division they are.

The game was supposed to be a blowout by the Argentines, just as a blowout would be expected if the Browns played Alabama, but that didn’t happen. By all accounts, the argument can now be made that the Cougars are good enough to where if they represented a nation, they may just qualify for the World Cup as a last team in.

The game started with BYU showing that they were not afraid or intimidated by their opponent nearly scoring two goals in the first twenty minutes of the game. After that however, things slowed down a bit and both teams began to play pretty evenly.

Mariana Larroquette in the 35th minute scored the first goal for Argentina off of a header but coming out of halftime the Cougars went on the attack again. Freshman Ashton Brockbank found herself open around the 18 yard box when a pass somehow made it past the defenders from Elise Flake. Brockband hit a skip shot under a defender and it found the back of the net for the equalizer.

To finish out the game there were some tense moments and a lot of physical play that seemed to be building up throughout the game that resulted in yellow and red cards on both teams.

After a tough 2017 season and a rebuilding 2018 season, it is starting to look like 2019 may be a very special season for BYU Women’s Soccer.