How to watch the new Jimmer Fredette documentary ‘The Lonely Master’

DENVER, CO - MARCH 19: Jimmer Fredette
DENVER, CO - MARCH 19: Jimmer Fredette /

BYU basketball fans won’t want to miss out on Jimmer Fredette’s new documentary, ‘The Lonely Master.’ Here’s how to watch it.

For many BYU basketball fans, General Conference was the main story of the last weekend. So you might have missed out on the brand new Jimmer Fredette documentary that aired on BYUtv.

‘The Lonely Master’ takes a candid, in-depth look at Jimmer’s rise to superstardom in China and his return to the NBA.

Obviously, for Cougar fans, Jimmer sits atop the BYU basketball mountain. The Cougars were never as successful as they were when Jimmer was hitting 25-foot pull-up 3-pointers.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go so smoothly in the NBA for Fredette. At least not the first time around.

‘The Lonely Master’ chronicles Jimmer’s 2017-18 CBA season, filled with commentary from the former BYU great. Everything from his losing his swagger, to being separated from his wife and young daughter, to the culture of the CBA. The 75-minute documentary gives an in-depth look that many BYU basketball fans have wanted to see since Jimmer left the US.

Full disclosure. It’s really entertaining.

So, if you happened to miss the premiere last weekend and you’re scared you’ve missed it forever, don’t worry.

You can stream ‘The Lonely Master’ on demand on BYUtv at any time. Watch it on a laptop, phone, tablet, XBox – or cast it to your television.