BYU Football: What are the current players doing now?

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Believe it or not football players are pretty busy during the fall. It’s almost as if traveling every other week across the country takes a toll on them or something…

Because of the crazy tough schedules, most players are asked to take tough classes during the summer. Without the same commitments to practice and games players are able to focus more on school. These classes include normally higher intensity 300/400 level classes that don’t have as much access to a tutor. Looking back at my own major in broadcasting, I had to create two news story packages a week that required ON MINIMUM six or seven hours each outside of class to shoot and edit. During football season, this isn’t really an option, but during the summer it is possible.

I’m not familiar for sure with BYU’s rules, but many schools actually require players to be enrolled during summer to get full scholarship opportunities. With players having to be there before the next school year starts, (the Utah game is actually before school is in session) many players would be left homeless if not covered by scholarship during fall camp.