BYU Football Countdown: Player No. 89

Andy Lyons/Allsport
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(Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images)
(Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images) /

BYU Football will be taking the field to face to the Utes in 89 days!

We finally made it! We made it to to 80’s! And we made it June. For some reason May feels soooo far away from football season, but June sort of just feels like a sort of long time. And then it gets longer once the NBA finals finish up.

We can now officially say that in two months, the Cougars will taking the field. Sure it is the longest possible way of saying two months, nonetheless, it is two months. But as we enter June we enter into what is possibly the toughest part of the year if you are a sports fan.

Baseball is getting to the part of the season where teams are just in the middle of the season mode. Games don’t carry emotion, stands don’t get full and it is getting really hot. The Women’s World Cup will be fun… sort of. Unlike the men’s tournament, there are not very many good teams around the world, meaning it won’t get interesting probably until the semi-finals.

Tennis and golf are alright but also lack the excitement of other sports unless it is Tiger vs Mickelson on the back nine or Federer and Nadal in the Wimbledon Final.

Bottom line, 89 days can’t come soon enough.

As we bring you player No. 89 on our list, we feature a player who also probably was close to being better than he was but was stuck in the shadow of another star. Is that a stretch? Yes. Do we own it… You bet!