BYU Football Countdown: Player 82 – Taysom before Taysom

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(Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images) /
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BYU Football will kick off their season against Utah in just 82 days!

Summer is a really special time of the year. There is probably something that is instilled in our brains that we gained when we were all in school that taught us that summer time was a time of relaxation and fun. Even though most of us have the same schedule during summer as we the rest of the year, there is still something special about summer.

Except in sports.

Sports are really tough during the summer. The MLB is currently in about game 60 out of 164 meaning that the next 40-50 games are about as interesting as well… cricket or handball maybe? The Women’s World Cup just began, but unlike the men it isn’t really too competitive until the final few games.  Besides that, there isn’t too much going on.

Because of the lack of interesting sports going on, we need things like countdowns to football. Today we feature the 82nd best player ever to play for BYU Football, and he is someone you have probably never heard of and even the stats people have struggled to pull down all of his stats.