BYU Football Countdown: Player 18 – Sneak peak

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We are now only 81 days away until the kickoff of the 2019 BYU Football season.

What if BYU beats Utah? The last time it happened, we were all rocking out to the songs Poker Face, Boom Boom Pow and Just Dance. Lebron James hadn’t left for the Heat yet, and the hottest phone on the market was the iPhone 3.

In other words, it has been awhile.

In other articles, I have painfully shared how BYU Football has literally found a way to lose in just about every kind of scenario, (comeback fall shorts, blowout, blocked kick, etc…) meaning surely it must be time for BYU to win. In nearly every season, the game has been a one score possession essentially making it a coinflip on who would win.

I’m not going to take away credit from the Utes on closing out games, but COME ON! A missed call that wasn’t overturned, a 35 point first quarter and last years total meltdown are not things that happen!

Today’s player is a legend for BYU Football against Utah and we can only hope that there is another player who will be able to play like he did this year to help end the streak.

We are also doing something different today in that we are going to do a sneak peak into another day’s player (and then on that day we will do a flashback). This is because of the feedback we have gotten telling us that the countdown is going too slow… Sorry, that is how daily countdowns go…

But to give you the reader what you want to see, we will look ahead into player No. 18.