BYU Football Countdown: Player 38 – 1984’s defining moment

Tom Hauck /Allsport
Tom Hauck /Allsport /
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BYU Football starts in just 38 days.

Memorable moments. When I created the Countdown I played around a bit with what I wanted to name the final ranking. Impact and statistics were the obvious first two, but the third one was a bit tougher to decide on. Other categories that were considered included legacy, prestige, feeling and overall (sort of a Madden rating). After considering all of this however, I realized that memorable moments are huge and important in making a player a top player.

Consider Taysom Hill. Taysom is one of the most memorable players recently for BYU because of his unique skill set and motivation. But he could have been so much more! If he doesn’t get injured three times would he have a heisman trophy? Would BYU have a BCS bowl game? Would the Cougars have defeated the Utes? What if he went right instead of left on the goal line two point conversion attempt? All of these moments were “could have been” moments that fell short and because of that in ten years Taysom will be remembered for the “Texas leap of faith” but that may about it.

Today’s player is a player that has one memorable moment that will last the test of time.