BYU Football: A strong argument to be considered P5

CLEVELAND, OHIO – APRIL 29: Zach Wilson holds a jersey onstage after being drafted second by the New York Jets during round one of the 2021 NFL Draft at the Great Lakes Science Center on April 29, 2021 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

BYU Football is considered G5 by most schools, but it may be time for that to change.

Ever since BYU Football decided to go Independent in 2011 there has been discussion as to whether or not the Cougars are considered a P5 or G5 team. For most of the country, they see BYU as a Memphis/Houston/Boise State kind of G5 program.

As BYU continues to try join Notre Dame as a clear P5 team, one of the factors that is looked at is success in the NFL. Prior to this year, BYU would have ranked as a mid-high G5 with NFL success and well below most P5 teams. With the Cougars adding 13 players this year, the Cougars have launched themselves into the mid P5 level.

Of the 65 P5 teams, BYU now has more (24) players in the NFL than Arizona, Arizona State, Baylor, Boston College, California, Colorado, Duke, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Louisville, Michigan State, Minnesota, Oregon State, Purdue, Rutgers, Syracuse, Texas Tech, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest and Washington State. This would put BYU 40th among P5 teams. Of G5 teams, only Temple (27) has more players in the NFL than BYU.

A Ranking That Could Be Too Much

While being ranked 40th among P5 teams and 2nd among G5 teams certainly looks and sounds great, it isn’t quite at the level that would scream that BYU has to be at P5 status. So how many more players would be BYU need to get to that point?

The good news is, it actually wouldn’t be too many. While BYU can’t expect to reach the highs of Alabama (77), if the Cougars can add a net ten more players into the NFL over the next few years, it would launch them into the top 20 nationally.

On top of the national fan base, history, resources, tv contracts and tough schedules, being in the top 20 of players in the NFL could be too much to deny the Cougars the P5 status any longer.