BYU Football: College football Top 25 – Week 4

OU safety Pat Fields (10) returns a blocked extra-point attempt for two points during the Sooners’ 23-16 win against Nebraska on Saturday at Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium in Norman.
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BYU Football improved to 3-0 after taking down Arizona State on Saturday night.

After three weeks, it finally seems like the Top 25 teams may be somewhat of what we may end up seeing for the rest of the year. For the first three weeks, it seems that half of the AP ranked teams between 10-25 are now sitting with at least one loss.

As many teams begin their conference schedules next week, we will start to see more ranked matchups where the rankings will no longer see drastic drops or rises in the rankings as there will be less huge upsets going on as well as more of a resume to back up teams who lose.

For the entire 2021 season I will put out my Top 25 poll, whether BYU Football is in it or not. Again, my polls are based off of what I see, not what the AP/Coaches Poll says. In fact, I don’t even reference them while making my ranking.

Below are my Week Four rankings with the preseason rankings in parenthesis.


1. Alabama (1)

2. Cincinnati (2)

Cincinnati may not have looked elite against Indiana (who suddenly isn’t good again apparently), but they showed that they can win in a high pressure situation which is something that a lot of teams fail to do.

3. Georgia (3)

4. Penn State (5)

5. Oklahoma (4)

Penn State played very well against Auburn while Oklahoma struggled to put Nebraska away. For that reason they switch for this week.

6. Texas A&M (6)

7. Oregon (7)

8. Iowa (13)

9.  BYU (14)

BYU is the only team in the nation to be 3-0 against P5 opponents. In those games, the Cougars have given up an average of 16.67 points per game. The Cougars now enter a stretch against three G5 teams before another stretch of four P5’s in October.

10. Florida (9)

Florida almost came back and beat Alabama, but in the end they were unable to make enough plays to pull off the upset.

11. Clemson (10)

12. Coastal Carolina (8)

The Chanticleers needed to win big against Marshall, and they barely squeaked out the win. While Coastal Carolina is still undefeated, with limited chances to face decent teams, they made it tough for them to be a real top ten team going forward.

13. Ohio State (12)

14. Liberty (16)

Liberty is quietly having a nice season winning their games by a combined 114-37. Has it been the best competition, no, but that margin is still great.

15.  Arkansas (17)

16. Ole Miss (19)

17. UCLA (13)

18. Notre Dame (22)

The Irish finally had a decent win that showed me that they are a Top 20 team. Notre Dame will have plenty more opportunities to get big wins and earn the high ranking everyone else seems to be giving them.

19. San Diego State (NR)

The Aztec’s showed that they may be the team to beat in the Mountain West Conference as they are now 3-0 and have an impressive 3 OT win over Utah.

20. TCU (20)

21. North Carolina (NR)

North Carolina showed that they are a really good team after a tough start to the season. When the Tar Heels are hitting on all cylinders this team is explosive and tough to beat.

22. UTSA (25)

23. Iowa State (NR)

24. Michigan (NR)

25. Memphis (NR)

On the Fringe:  Arizona State, Michigan State, Oklahoma State, Virginia Tech

Dropped Out: Virginia Tech  (15), Arizona State (21), UCF (23), Oklahoma State (24)