BYU Football: College Football Top 25 – Week 11

Nov 6, 2021; Provo, Utah, USA; Brigham Young Cougars running back Jackson McChesney (21) runs the ball against Idaho State Bengals cornerback Jihad Brown (21) in the fourth quarter at LaVell Edwards Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

The College Football Top 25 could be very interesting with big upsets and games including a dominant win by BYU Football.

BYU Football took down FCS foe Idaho State 59-14 to move to 8-2 on the season. While that result wasn’t a shock per say, there were some questions about the focus of the team with the bye week looming and a much easier opponent than the past nine games.

In other games around the country, there were quite a few surprises including the Spoilermakers, I mean Boilermakers taking down No. 3 Michigan State, No. 9 Wake Forest falling to North Carolina, and a trio of SEC teams ranked in the 13-18 range losing to teams.

In the Lawless Republic rankings, we do not take prestige or blueblood rankings into account. Because of that, you will notice that my rankings don’t match up perfectly or even very closely in some cases with the national rankings like the AP or Coaches Poll.

For the entire 2021 season I will put out my Top 25 poll, whether BYU Football is in it or not. Again, my polls are based off of what I see, not what the AP/Coaches Poll says. In fact, I don’t even reference them while making my ranking.

Below are my Week Eleven rankings with last week’s rankings in parenthesis.


1. Georgia 

2. Oklahoma

3. Cincinnati

I’ve had Cincinnati as the number two team for the past few weeks, but after three straight ugly wins, it is time for them to drop. They don’t look like a top three team, but quite honestly, nobody outside of Georgia in the top five looked good either.

4. Ohio State

5. Alabama

In the past I had Alabama in the top four, however after a lackluster performance against LSU and a now bad looking close call to Florida earlier in the season, Ohio State is the better team between these two.

6. Michigan 

7. Ole Miss

8. Oregon

Oregon hasn’t been all that impressive. Yes, they beat Ohio State in week one, but since then it’s been close call after close call against a less than impressive Pac 12.

9. Michigan State

10. UTSA

So what if the CFP Committee doesn’t have the Roadrunners are still undefeated and that deserves some recognition.

11. Oklahoma State

12. Notre Dame

13. BYU

BYU Football has scored more points in the last two games than they did in the first six games combined. The offense has seemed to finally find it’s stride and with their No. 15 ranking in the CFP rankings, it is appearing that the Cougars will have a very real chance at being a NY6 at-large team if the cards fall right.

14. Baylor 

The debate between Baylor and BYU’s position in this ranking came down to losses. Baylor’s losses have been worse than BYU’s. The Bears were defeated by 4-5 TCU, while BYU’s worst loss is to 5-4 Boise State (who should be 6-3).

15. Texas A&M

16. Wake Forest

Wake Forests’ loss appears to kill any possible NY6 ‘at large’ bids as it now appears that no matter what happens, the only NY6 representative for the conference will be the conference champion.

17. San Diego State

18. Pittsburg

19. Utah

Utah has been really good the past few weeks and deserves to be ranked. If the point of the rankings is meant to put up the best 25 teams, then Utah absolutely deserves to be where I’ve got them.

20. NC State

21. Wisconsin

22. Houston

23. Utah State

Utah State and quietly continued to win and put themselves at now 7-2 on the season with their losses coming to a really good BYU team and a Boise State team that is showing some heart and picking up some big wins.

24. Iowa State

25. Virginia

*Note: Projections based off of 11:30 PM EST*