BYU Football: College Football Rankings – Week 13

Ohio State Buckeyes running back Master Teague III (33) runs over Michigan State Spartans linebacker Cal Haladay (27) and tries to avoid cornerback Ronald Williams (9) during the third quarter of the NCAA football game at Ohio Stadium in Columbus on Saturday, Nov. 20, 2021.
Michigan State Spartans At Ohio State Buckeyes Football

BYU Football did what they needed to and saw just enough chaos to remain in the New Year Six Bowl discussion.

If you saw Michigan State, Wake Forest and Oregon all getting blown out, congrats to you. Saturday was a day that lacked great games, but had really great storylines. The Big 10 appeared to be almost a lock to get three, yes three teams into the New Year Six. But with the Spartans’ 49 point loss, it is likely that Michigan State will drop at least ten spots in the rankings.

Oregon needed to win to keep their CFP hopes alive and that did not happen. Because of that it appears that Cincinnati is a lock for the CFP if they are able to finish undefeated. The only outside shot of them not making it with an undefeated record is it Oklahoma State dominates in both of their remaining games.

BYU Football had an alright outing taking down Sun Belt foe Georgia Southern 34-17. While the win won’t catch any eyes, it should be enough to mark it down as an acceptable win by the voters. The big question will be how voters view Michigan State and Oregon. If they punish them for their blowout losses.

In the Lawless Republic rankings, we do not take prestige or blueblood rankings into account. Because of that, you will notice that my rankings don’t match up perfectly or even very closely in some cases with the national rankings like the AP or Coaches Poll.

For the entire 2021 season I will put out my Top 25 poll, whether BYU Football is in it or not. Again, my polls are based off of what I see, not what the AP/Coaches Poll says. In fact, I don’t even reference them while making my ranking.

Below are my Week Thirteen rankings.


1. Georgia

2. Cincinnati

3. Ohio State

4. Alabama

5. Michigan

6. Ole Miss

7. Oklahoma


9. Oklahoma State

10. Notre Dame

11. Baylor

12. BYU

13. Oregon

14. Michigan State

15. San Diego State

16. Utah

17. Pittsburg

18. Wake Forest

19. Texas A&M

20. Wisconsin

21. Houston

22. Iowa

23. Appellation State

24. Mississippi State

25. Arkansas

*Note: Projections based off of 11:50 PM EST*