NCAA Football: Reaction to new rule changes

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Oct 23, 2021; Pullman, Washington, USA; Brigham Young Cougars tight end Masen Wake (13) jumps over Washington State Cougars defensive back Jaylen Watson (0) in the second half at Gesa Field at Martin Stadium. BYU won 21-19. Mandatory Credit: James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA approved the revision of three rules ahead of the 2022 NCAA Football season.

Overthinking. That is what best summarizes the revision of two rule changes that have been approved by the NCAA ahead of the 2022 college football season. While some of the rule changes/revisions are overdue, a few of them just are now too complicated and have much easier solutions.

The five new revisions have to do with targeting, blocking below the waist, sliding, defensive holding and faking an injury. The first three rules below are ones that I support and have no issue with, however the final two (on the other pages) need some serious reconsideration.

Blocking Below the Waist

Old Rule: Blocking below the waist was permitted as long as not below the knees or breaking another rule (blindside, chop block, etc…)

New Rule: Blocking below the waist will be permitted inside the tackle box, however outside of that they will not be.

Fake Slide

Old Rule: No rule against a fake slide

New Rule: Players can not drag their foot behind them suggesting a slide before going forward.

Defensive Holding

Old Rule: Ten yard penalty

New Rule: Ten yard penalty and an automatic first down.

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