Mark Pope is a certified "Swiftie" and it strangely makes sense

BYU head coach Mark Pope credited Taylor Swift and her favorite number 13 after the Cougars' first win in the Big 12 Tournament.

Iowa State v Brigham Young
Iowa State v Brigham Young / Chris Gardner/GettyImages

Mark Pope is "The Man" after his team won thier first ever Big 12 Tournament game over UCF. There is definitely no "Bad Blood" between BYU basketball and the Big 12 Conference as it has seemed like a "Love Story" since the beginning of the season.

All right I am done with the Taylor Swift song references, but Pope sure isn't. In his press conference after the Cougars win over the Knights on Wednesday, Pope talked about how the number 13, the famous music star's favorite number, played into their season.

He began his explanation by saying he was happy that BYU was picked to finish 13th in the conference. Coincidence? Well, Pope sure didn't think so.

Then he would come to realize through how he described him as "the greatest statistician SID ever," that the Cougars' first game against UCF was on January 13 and then their second game was on February 13. So when BYU was to face UCF on March, wait for it, 13th, he knew there was no chance they were losing the game.

He wrapped up his Swift theory saying that playing in Kansas City, which is home to Swift's boyfriend Travis Kelce who is a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, is just perfect.

Not only does it seem like the Cougars have the power of Taylor Swift on their side, but they also have three-time Super Bowl-winning coach Andy Reid sporting BYU blue cheering them on in the stands.

Reid attended BYU where he got his bachelor's and master's degrees. With the Big 12 Tournament in Kansas City, this is the perfect opportunity for the Chiefs head coach to watch his Alma Mater.

We will see if the luck of Taylor Swift can help the Cougars in their second Big 12 Tournament game against the Texas Tech Raiders. The Cougars could really use the luck as at the time this article was written, they were down by 19 at halftime. You can see live updates here or tune into the game on ESPN 2.