Way too early look at next BYU basketball season

On the heels of a very successful regular season and disappointing postseason, let's take a very early look at what we can expect from the basketball team next season.

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New Additions

The most exciting arrival for this BYU team will be freshman Collin Chandler. Collin will return home from his mission in Sierra Leon in the next few weeks and then is expected to join the team. Collin was ranked the 33rd-best recruit in the 2022 recruiting class and is the highest-rated recruit BYU has ever signed. Collin is a stellar athlete who has competed with the best high school players in the country and will look to make a significant impact on the team next year. The excitement around him is palpable and I think he will be a massive addition to the team.

Maybe a slightly forgotten addition to the team is Dawson Baker. Dawson averaged over 15 points a game last year for UC Irvine and is a player who can come in and create his own shots. He looked confident and smooth in the few games he played this season before undergoing foot surgery. He will retain 2 years of eligibility once he returns to action. To me, he will be an extremely valuable piece for the Cougars who, at times, have lacked a way to score outside of set plays. He can give the team that skillset.

Other newcomers include Isaac Davis and Brooks Bahr. Davis is a 3 star recruit out of Idaho Falls, Idaho, and Bahr is a 3-star recruit out of Keller, Texas. Davis is an explosive athlete and was ranked as the best player coming out of Idaho this year. Bahr is a methodical scorer who had offers from USC, Utah, and Wake Forest before deciding on BYU. Both of these guys have the potential to be significant additions to the team in the long-term.

With Marcus Adams Jr. leaving that will open up another scholarship spot for Mark Pope and company to search in the transfer portal for another player who can come in and contribute to the team. I expect the Cougars to continue to recruit hard in the transfer portal as they have in the past.