Way too early look at next BYU basketball season

On the heels of a very successful regular season and disappointing postseason, let's take a very early look at what we can expect from the basketball team next season.

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I feel that many people fail to account for the positive impact that continuity can have for a basketball team. Basketball is a very fluid and fast-paced sport where understanding your teammates and how they play can often heavily impact the outcome of a game. In the 2022-2023 season BYU finished in the bottom half of the WCC and 77th in the KenPom. Fast-forward to this season with basically the same team as last year plus only one significant transfer in Aly Khalifa and the Cougars finished in the top 5 of a loaded Big 12 and 19th in the KenPom. I feel the continuity these players have after playing together for multiple seasons will allow them to continue to grow and improve. I expect the team next year to be even better than the team was this year.

Additionally, I echo the point that was made on BYUSN:

BYU’s core players now have significant experience in both the difficult environment that is the Big 12, as well as in the NCAA tournament, that will allow them to shine in the bright moments next season. There were many growing and learning situations this season as the Cougars lost a few head-scratching games, most significantly the game against Duquesne. I believe the experience gained from this inaugural Big 12 season will have a massive payoff next season. I am very optimistic about the direction this team is headed and am planning for the team to be playing on the second weekend of March Madness in 2025.

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